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RRC Technology & Innovation is a 100% Brazilian company, a division of the Bravante Group. The company brings innovative and digitized solutions to the Oil and Gas market. We strive to improve collaboration through entrepreneurship and commitment to market development. RRC leads, through its proactive and innovative initiatives and its ability to bring international partnerships, the transfer of cutting-edge technology for operations and advanced maintenance of complex equipment for oil and gas exploration in Brazil.

We improve processes and the sustainability of our customers, providing innovative technology solutions.

In 3 years, become a technology hub bringing innovative solutions to Brazilian industries.

We value Transparency in all our commercial relationships, we bring Sustainability to our value chain, and we increase the Collaboration of the teams involved.


Advanced Virtual Maintenance and Trainning

Advanced Virtual Maintenance and Trainning

ROV Accessibility Simulations

ROV Trainee Program

6 – 10 June 2022

Vagas Abertas!

ROV Simulator Training

Subsea Projects Consultancy



José Ramos
Igor Tuma
Operations Manager
Fiorella Aliaga
Felipe Santello
Product Manager

Phone: +55 (21) 994.134.806
Address: Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 560 – Granja dos Cavaleiros, Macaé – RJ, 27933-420